Tuesday, October 27, 2009


“Green grass, go on
There’s nothing to keep you
Green grass, go on.

Red tree, go on
You’ve waited a long time
You’ve waited a long time.”

~ The Innocence Mission, Green Grass, Red Tree

Remedies for our constraints: backspace and margin release.


Mike Speegle said...

I don't know if humor was the intent, but that bit about the metaphorical margin release amused me to no end.

Oh, and much respect to the other photographers of the Luddosphere, but La Vie Graphite photo essays are, in my humble opinion, the best photo essays.

speculator said...

Bless your heart, Speegle!
You know it's intentional. This blog is filled with plays on words and images.

lissa said...

yes, backspace and margin, good to know, as I don't necessary use a typewriter, there's always the delete key...great pics of the trees and how funny, not in a ha ha way, but seeing you typing with that small blue paper, just sort of me makes me smile, how nice to be lost in typing away your thoughts

James Watterson said...

I second what Speegle said! I enjoy your blog, it brings warmth to my heart seeing all of the trees turing color and the smell of wood burning stoves. I miss it all so much. Your blog brings me one step closer to the elements I enjoyed so much growing up.

Spec, I am also grateful for the picture you emailed me! I hope that your travel Olympia is working at its finest. I need to get my hands on one of those someday. You have all my best wishes and I will sure to post a blog on the SG1 once it arrives.

speculator said...

thanks again, everyone!

Yes, James- the Traveller is running marvelously. Tom had to replace my letter "a," of all things! He's a real friend. I saw he rolled a piece of of paper into the SG1 with your name on it. Nobody else can buy it now!!

Anne said...

How do you do it? Time and time again, your words and pictures send my spirits soaring! If this is what it truly looks like in Maine, I have just gotta go there!

My favorite line: the squeak of hard packed snow in the vanilla ice cream air. Great image!

Thank you so much for doing what you do! Also, Taize' tonite! I'll be praying for you!

D. Loon said...

There is definitely something about writing in public that attracts attention. A couple of months ago I was in the middle of a park with basically nobody around. I pulled out my typewriter and within minutes somebody wandered up and wanted to talk to me.

I miss living in a place with many trees and more marked seasons.

Anonymous said...

Remedies for our constraints: backspace and margin release.
:) thanks- a wonderful way to think about repentance and grace.

Thanks to for those wonderful images... you make it easier for me to pray without ceasing...

peace and goodness

Elizabeth H. said...

This post was a treat from beginning to end! Love that first photo--you really only see stone walls like that in New England or maybe parts of Europe, and I miss 'em...they always make me think of Robert Frost's Mending Wall, one of my favorites. And like Anne, I loved the line about the snow. Wonderful entry, and one I will return to.

Strikethru said...

You make one want to pack up and head to New England this very instant!

You're very partial to the Traveller De Luxe. Is it just the portability, or something more sublime? Thanks to you, I've become very hooked on woodcase pencils. They're my favorite typer these days.

Love the Field Notes in the sand.

speculator said...

Thanks Strikethru!
The Traveller is in a rotation with my Lettera 32. Their similarities are things that suit me well: portability, ease of use, and compatibility for the way I type. The Traveller is still new to me, and a real enjoyment- even if it's not quite the precision instrument the L32 is.

Yes! Graphite- always graphite. Pencils even defy gravity. Tell us your adventures!