Wednesday, September 6, 2006

open my eyes to the wonder of this moment

"It's time for the soul to be patient.
And patience in adversity, far from being a passive virtue, is a rugged aerobic exercise that toughens the soul, muscles up the virtues one already has."

~Thomas 'A Kempis, The Garden of Roses (15th century)

When we ponder the unpaved roads of forebearance, it seems our initial thoughts turn to ideas of conscientious attentiveness to others- not to our very selves. But perhaps the harder and more confrontational practice is to view ourselves with the compassion that we wish for, and desire to convey to those around us. Once more, there appears a contradiction, that if I wish to consider the well-being of others around me, why lavish such attention on my person which needs instead to be humbled? So, will it be humiliation, or self-exaltation? Well, it is to neither extreme that I will find my home, but instead to aspire to view all life with a patience that allows room to breathe and prosper. Often the narrowest window of forgiveness is the one reserved for me. This will require some further exploration, and the answers will be discovered within a deeply rooted core. It will be very much worthwhile, not just to find but also to be lightened by the unburdening.