Sunday, October 4, 2009


“There’s a hidden life for everyone.
Sorrow remains though you can tell no-one.
The host on your tongue is a perfect moon;
It does shine inside you.
You shine into the room.

And I can only say
that I have hoped for you.
Safety from fears and darkness.
Are you feeling better
than before?”

~ The Innocence Mission, You Are the Light

“May your word, O God,
be rooted in us,
and may your Spirit
move us to forgiveness
and compassion.”

~ chant from the Monks of Weston Priory


Anne said...

Love the quote at the beginning! "It does shine inside you. You shine into the room." That's great! I will have to do some exploring of the source!

The scenery from your retreat looks wonderful! I feel more peaceful just looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

James Watterson said...

I always love your pictures. You bring a little of New England to me each time. Thank you, keep the pictures coming.