Monday, November 21, 2011

pilgrim steps

“...that small, interior world widened
as I learned its names and its boundaries;
as I discovered new refuges...”

~ Dylan Thomas, Quite Early One Morning.

My elementary school, Public School No. 13

Above: Saint Patrick's Cathedral- a place of quiet respite on 5th Avenue.

Looking at class photos and trading stories with the current and retired principals at P.S. 13. I had read a portion of my journal to a group of school administrators. The photo immediately below shows the P.S. 13 schoolyard.

Entering one of the classrooms in which I'd been a pupil, to speak to the children.

Taizé at a New York City church : the view from my music stand.

Dylan Thomas, visiting from Wales, read and staged his works at this theatre in Greenwich Village.

The Minetta Tavern was a favorite of many writers, including Thomas and his good friend e.e. cummings.

The Church of Saint Luke in the Fields was the place of Dylan Thomas' funeral (1953). The church's first pastor, in 1820, was Clement Clarke Moore, the original namesake of P.S. 13.

“And one man’s year is like the country of a cloud,
mapped on the sky, that soon will vanish into the watery,
ordered wastes, into the spinning rule,
into the dark which is light.
Now the cloud is flying, very slowly, out of sight,
and I can remember all of that voyaging geography.”

~ Dylan Thomas, The Crumbs of One Man’s Year


Bill M said...

Wonderful article! Your posts are some of my favorites. The photos add the special touch drawing me into the writing while the written word draws me into the photos. All bring a realization to your blog as if bringing the reader personally into your experiences. Great writing and photos.

crofter said...

Another well crafted essay, and your observations of common threads through all is so true, to me it is more about music being there. Unfortunately for me, my artistic ability leaves a stick man incognito!