Friday, March 11, 2011

graphite et polyvalent

eaders of these pages may know of my respect for the author of the Pencil Revolution blog. I was very glad to be able to submit a review at the invitation of a blog I've admired for years.
The entry is found here: Review of General's Layout Pencil. It is always a pleasure to encourage writing friends everywhere. Writers, as well as craftspeople, understand the value of process en route to the creative work we do.


bookbinding and journaling.



Adwoa said...

Mais c'est magnifique - vous ecrivez aussi en français! On peut faire ça pour les prochaines lettres...

Strikethru said...

Just read your review of this pencil, really nicely done. Your box of book restoration tools is so neatly organized, a true craftsman.

Anonymous said...

After trying many different pencils, I now use the Generals Layout for my journaling, thanks to your review. Great pencil for writing!