Friday, January 13, 2017


“The intellect is the instrument of wisdom,
the intelligence that of spiritual knowledge.
The natural sense of assurance common to both intellect and intelligence
is the instrument of the faith established in each of them,
while natural compassion is the instrument of the gift of healing.”

~ Saint Maximos the Confessor, from The Philokalia.


lissa said...

sanctuaries in writing and reading and rereading and writing - I like that idea. I wish I could go around with a typewriter - it sounds so old fashion and yet sort of modern and as you said, typed words used to be the finished product and probably still is though I guess digital cannot be compared to typewriters, it's just not the same.

I hope you're keeping warm this winter. have a lovely day.

Bill M said...

Very well said.
Your photos make me long for the coffee houses and pubs as well as the snow of the North.

Erik said...

Lovely post. As a person stuck indoors while recovering from surgery, I'm realizing how much the affirmation of social interaction means to me. Thanks for sharing and taking to time to create this beautiful blog.

Joe V said...

Your thoughts remind me of the importance of typing in public. Thank you.

Sharon said...

Lovely post . I am quite content with solitude or just being with my husband and our 2 rescued kitties .But even I need some social interaction from time to time . Thank you for this gentle reminder . ~Sharon Goemaere