Saturday, September 24, 2011

early autumn

“Methinks the reflections are never purer
and more distinct than now at the season
of the fall of the leaf, just before the cool twilight has come,
when the air has a finer grain.
Just as our mental reflections are more distinct
at this season of the year,
when evenings grow cool and lengthen
and our winter evenings with their brighter fires
may be said to begin.”

~ Henry David Thoreau, Journal : 17 October 1858.

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Elizabeth H. said...

Ah, autumn! There's just something inspiring and stirring about it, isn't there?

I've always liked this little blurb from the intro to Nathaniel Hawthorne's House of Seven Gables. I know just what he means, though I couldn't put it so prettily:

"I sha'n't have the new story ready by November," he explained to his publisher, on the 1st of October, "for I am never good for anything in the literary way till after the first autumnal frost, which has somewhat such an effect on my imagination that it does on the foliage here about me-multiplying and brightening its hues."

Beautiful photos and prose, as always!