Friday, June 24, 2011


“Two o’clock p.m.
The clock has let me know
I owe it for last week.
I’ve been punching in and out so much
My card is losing its heartbeat...

I underestimate the freedom You have given
in the open bars.
For life and love to play its course
inside the measure
of Your breaking arms

and rest, two, three, four...”

~ Sarah Masen, Break Hard the Wishbone

(Below: my pencil points to the word, "selah," in the Psalms.)

(Can you see counterforms among the typographic forms below?)


joe said...

Lovely. And guilt is so often a prerequisite for my pauses. selah I now relieve tonight's idleness of my guilt.

Anonymous said...

Love as always the visual aspect of your blog - so inspiring to be creative.

Laura Finkelstein said...

Beautiful, as always. I love the 'variations' in your "pauses".