Monday, April 25, 2011

mt. olympiette

“une île, une ville, un mont royal
le p'tit air crasse de Montréal
un peu Brooklyn, un peu Pigalle
même quand ça va mal j'aime Montréal.”

~ Robert Charlebois, Ville Marie

(below: a vertical panorama I made with a 28mm lens, from downtown
(Mt. Royal in the background) to the "city underground," connecting
subways, office building concourses, and malls.)


James Watterson said...

An odd Olympia I have never seen before? It looks so peaceful typing in the cold quiet winter. I miss doing that. I hope everything is well and the East Coast winter didn't get you guys to bad. Sorry I haven't been around more, with school and work full-time I have had my hands full.

Tom's blog is coming along great though huh. You did a nice thing helping him get started. I'm sure you pick up on his "wicked cools" too. I always have a good laugh at that. Take care Abraham

Tom Furrier said...

I can see that Mt. Olympiette is the newest destination in Montreal.

James- you know that as a Bostonian I'm allowed to say wicked cool at least once per conversation. Or as my bro's in southie say "wicked pissa".

speculator said...

...and James and Tom can be sure they're also speaking Maine-ese, too!
Tom- I think a Royal on Mount Royal would be part of my next trip out there.

Elizabeth H. said...

St. Joseph's! I recognized it instantly from your first photo. One of my favorite places. I've been there a handful of times over the years, most recently a few weeks before I started my cross-country move. I really should pay a visit next time I'm home.

I've yet to explore much of the rest of Montreal. I wish I wasn't so hampered by the language barrier--I envy you there. I are ignorant.

I like the idea of a Royal on Mt. Royal!

Bill M said...

Nice machine & a nice city. I visited Montreal often until I moved South in the early 80s. Something special about cities in Canada, clean, peaceful and just nicer than most in the USA.
I also have an odd Olympia. I wonder how many of the unknown models from Olympia are out there. Not much information on them.