Friday, July 30, 2010

blue ink and blueberries

“We need the deeps
of the world of spirit,
as well as the wide and varied
outer world of knowledge
and of sense.”

~ Evelyn Underhill, The Inside of Life


James Watterson said...

Ahh, blueberry's and dip pens, sounds like livin. We recently had tons of blueberry's when my girlfriends mother went blueberry picking. They grow like crazy here in the south. I do miss the Macintosh apple picking which must be soon coming up for you?

Anne said...

This is lovely! For me, something like the stain of blueberries on my fingers would be the stand-out moment of my day.

How fortunate you are to be able to pick blueberries! Our soil here is too acidic or not acidic enough, I can't remember which, to grow them.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I just was visiting your blog--how cool! What's so interesting is that even as you write about your frustrations with where you are, location-wise, or your pleas for signs of hope with your work, your great love for both where you are and what you do shines through. I think it's a wonderful thing
that, in addition to the results of it, you share the inner workings of the creative process--even the more challenging sides of it. Your journal tells
a special story.

Tara said...

Living in a spot you love is a wonderful gift. I love my city of San Francisco every day I am here. I mourned her when we had the 1989 quake and once when I was traveling after September 11 I saw the photo of my lovely Golden Gate Bridge on the cover of newspaper with a story about how it might be threatened and I cried. Sometimes a certain place is just your home. The cold and foggy summers are no fun but they are mine.
And, once I picked loads of blueberries in Maine with mu husband and (then) small son and we ate them so happily.....