Wednesday, September 30, 2009


“Vraiment, tout vouloir et
se contenter de très peu:
Voilà bien le secret d’un emerveillement
qui ne soit ni naïf ni illusoire.”

~ frère Pierre-Yves, de Taizé, Le Souffle de l’Espérance

A welcome from Brother Elias!


Lissa said...

sounds like a calm retreat, it's always nice to go somewhere where people welcomes you no matter how hectic things are elsewhere

bienvenue - certainly a wonderful word to hear - that's the only French word I seem to know, sadly I learn this from a movie

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this. I am in fact going on a retreat next week- reading your experience is like a foretaste of a very delightful treat.

I've been out of contact for so long, but I am exploring a religious vocation.... I need to write about it, eh?

Peace and blessings

Kisha said...

could you tell me what kind of typewriter this is? I have the exact same one but I'm not sure what kind it is. Thanks!

speculator said...

This is an Olympia Traveller. These were made in the early 1980s.