Tuesday, December 23, 2008

seeing and hearing

“Calm on the listening ear of night
Come heaven’s melodious strains,
Where wild Judea stretches far
Her silver-mantled plains.”

~ Edmund H. Sears, Calm on the Listening Ear of Night


Anonymous said...

Dear La Vie Graphite,

I discovered your blog a few days ago by way, of all things, of my own love of pencils. I've read portions of your writing with great interest and sympathy. I like very much your organizing thought of a spiritual autobiography written in pencil. And I admire what I understand to be your effort to participate in a tradition of spiritual quest.

As I've read your words and considered your photographs, I've found myself to be curious about the actual events that may have sparked your reflections. I'd be glad to know more about the specific incidents, interactions, and lived experiences that have initiated your thinking.

Many thanks!


speculator said...

Dear Chris,

Thanks so much for your thoughtful and appreciative comments! That is very kind of you!
If there's a way to correspond, I'd be glad to!

Journaling through blogging does bring many kindred spirits together- by word!


Anne said...

Dear Speculator, how I wish I knew your real name! This is gorgeous writing! Have I told you that before? You didn't leave a date of post on my blog for the cloud of unknowing and monastery writings, so I just started here. When I read your words, I feel so little, like I could never come close to the spiritual heights which you seem to be ascending.

Your pictures are beautiful! Do you take them yourself? And, I'd love to know more about your actual posting. It seems to be that you are using an old-fashioned typewriter, and then what? Do you scan your pages? I love that it is so unusual. No one else has posts like yours. I appreciate your originality and I want more! Thank you for sharing your journaling blog!