Wednesday, June 5, 2013

meaning in the raining

 photo MR1_zps665f3cb6.jpg
 photo MIRtxt1_zpsefaf530f.jpg

 photo MR2_zpsfcfddc36.jpg
 photo MIRtxt2_zps2e802911.jpg

 photo MR3_zpse776fb15.jpg
 photo MIRtxt3_zpsacb38bc9.jpg

 photo MR4_zps2abca75e.jpg

 photo MR5_zpsa5d05fa3.jpg


Richard P said...

Very nicely done. I especially love the next-to-last photo of the raindrops hanging amidst the needles.

ViorelAgocs said...

We had a lot of it here in Europe lately...

Janet said...

This puts me in mind of when I was small and riding in the station wagon and watching the thunderstorm drops hit the car window, run together into big blobs, and then split apart and vanish, over and over again.