Sunday, February 14, 2010

typing and being

“Breathing in,
I know
that I am breathing in.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh


Elizabeth H. said...

Variety for the spice...I like that!

What typewriter is this? A new arrival?

speculator said...

LFP! Thanks!

The typewriter is my old Royal Dart, also seen here:

-and I think you'll appreciate the reference to Cloud of Unknowing

rino breebaart said...

wonderful balance of insight and image.

Rolf Erik said...

I agree! The “resistance” I feel writing with my fountain pens or pencil is what I need to come in the right creative mood. Thus I never use ball- or gel pens, they are to smooth.
My typewriter (Baby Hermes or Valentine) introduces again another frame of mind.
But sometimes it is a rather thin line: I’m writing “morning pages” (inspired by Julia Cameron) the typewriter is to “slow” for the words to just flow on to the paper so a Lamy combined with really smooth paper works best.

I keep “following” you.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Always inspiring and I thought I would post a comment before I went into my "Lenten Den" to write and be alone with God.

lissa said...

I don't write with a typewriter but I can understand the pauses and the pressing of keys to form some cohesive thoughts that might change with each new keys

it's the same thing with me and handwriting which I find myself doing more often now, there is something different about writing by hand instead of using a computer, and the choices of papers and pens certainly adds charm and delight

James Watterson said...

North Station?? Great post spec!

I have been thinking about writing about similar things. I love varying the tools that I use. It keeps things fresh.

I am in love with the Rollabind. It has kept me writing even through the busyness of life. I love how I am able to use all the tools that I love to write with and constantly switch it up with no problem.

speculator said...

Thanks, James.
Actually, I was writing at South Station. It's a great place to type- or do any kind of journaling.
And- I'm SO glad you're enjoying the binder.
We can even take my idea of typographic syntax, and look at how different typewriters affect how we write. What happens when you go from your SG1 to your L32 ?

James Watterson said...

Darn, I knew it was South Station but my Fiancee thought it was North. I will defiantly check out the Syntax as well. Ill let you know what I find.