Wednesday, August 26, 2009

different now

“You say suddenly you
cannot see yourself out in the world.
With your school suitcase.
Tomorrow- well, you don’t know,
you don’t know.

We’re coming away,
Everything’s changed.
Everything’s different now.
Everything, even the sun.”

~ The Innocence Mission, Everything's Different Now

(some of my grandfather's tools of his trade)


Anne said...

Visiting your blog is like taking a mini-retreat inside a busy day. I just slow down and breathe deep while reflecting upon your words. They resonate inside of me somehow, making me feel so peaceful. Isn't that interesting, that someone else's experiences of which you know nothing, can have an affect upon your soul? Must be the work of God!

Thank you for sharing this!

Mike Speegle said...

Well said. The bit about your mid-Atlantic revelation spoke to me, as those discrete moments of self-realization have a tendency to blindside me when I least expect them. Which is not to say that they are not appreciated.

speculator said...

I totally agree, Mike.
Fortunately there are moments like this when I'm also ready with a notebook and pencil!

D. Loon said...

"Where we're going is how we get there" - Robert Fripp

Resonance in this post with my own recent nostalgic thoughts, which I have not been as diligent in putting down.

SQUELLY said...

Hi there! I have been sent over here by my dear friend Anne and I am so much enjoying it. I have been posting away about Taize recently and I hear you are a fellow enthusiast. Your writing is beautiful and soulful. I always find this time of year so evocative of memories - something about the approaching Autumn - so many memories of new starts. Should I say 'fall' rather than Autumn?