Friday, August 15, 2008

sacred journey

“With the last full-stop comes the question,
‘Have I managed to say what I intended?’
No. Then why write?
A boundary always remains,
beyond which we are left alone with ourselves,
whether we are writing
or speaking spontaneously.”

~ Brother Roger of Taizé, Struggle and Contemplation

Of course, the writing continues. As surely as there is waking and breathing with each day- and there’s news on the radio and in the papers, I write my thoughts. Even on the fifteen-minute coffee breaks, my notebook and pencils go with me. There may be ideas to jot. And it is all to be able to write the pilgrimage, nothing more. Enshrining thoughts and adventures with words takes time, and I am also finding- many attempts and much patience. To express a journey, you need to journey. Wholeheartedly. Along the way, it occurs to me how writing and living not only influence one another, they can give each other validating perspective.

This medium, which casts personal thoughts abroad, brings some of my handwritten journaled thoughts outward- and it has amazed me to receive kindred observations. The journey of faith is often faced alone, but indeed we can discover how very much accompanied we truly are- and have been. For weeks I have been unsure about creating an entry about something which promotes this writing, being content with my intended anonymity. But considering my gratitude for the encouragement to continue this voyage, I’ll direct readers to the journal Sacred Journey, from Princeton, which has asked me for permission to publish sections of La Vie Graphite, featuring an entry in the current issue. For this, on a weary Friday night concluding an arduous work week, I am very thankful- and with hope, I carry on.


Oma aka Meme said...

You have a nice blog :-)
your friend from Christian Journaling-Meme aka Oma

BlueBirdie said...

that's great news; now even more people will be able to find & enjoy your blog!

Anne said...

I like what you say here about living and writing validating each other. In the book "Gifts from the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, she says that "writing is more than living, it is being conscious of living."

Belated congratulations on your "Sacred Journey" writings! You have much to be proud of!