Saturday, November 20, 2010

stay this moment

“Look on eternity as near at hand.

While I am thinking and writing of it,
it hastens near,
and I am entering into it
before I am aware.”

~ Richard Baxter, The Saint’s Everlasting Rest, ch. 12.

6 comments: said...

Oh, lovely. And I wish I could sit there and type for a while....

Bob Mrotek said...

Very, very nice...and thanks for the new word (to me)..."hamantash". It gives me something new to explore.

Strikethru said...

Sounds heavenly. Last time I was in Boston was in 2003, and my memories are fond.

James Watterson said...

This post confirms my want to be there this Thanksgiving. But unfortunately I will have to wait until Christmas.

I think this also confirms my next typewriter to be a Olympia small portable. It can be my companion when my SG is safe at home. Great post, and I hope all is well.

Barbara Bash said...

Wonderful to discover your voice here-
slowing me down and bringing me into
my moment in this world.

Thank you -

Dr. Sayarath said...

Very nice and peaceful. Happy New Year. May 2011 bring you joy, happiness and good health.