Friday, July 15, 2011

le cinquième

"I'm a little pencil in the hand of a writing God,
who is sending a love letter to the world."

~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Anne said...

It's been a while since I've visited your peaceful place in the blogosphere-life must have become awfully busy to have kept me away from so much beauty, from the slow pace of your carefully written words and well crafted images.

I remember when I first found your blog a little over two years ago that I had vowed to go back through your archives and read everything you had ever posted-I think I just might have accomplished that goal, too! Now I've got some catching up to do again!

Thank you so much for continuing to write this wonderful blog, this place of respite from a harried life.

DJS said...

Keep on doing it.

I love the rythm of your prose.

Thank you.

A reader from Spain.

Anonymous said...

I too have found your blog though recently. I so enjoy your writings and it gives me some inspiration to keep on writing in my journals.

I have been journalling since the late 60's. Sometimes just bits and pieces of my life and other times a daily venture into my days and weeks.

thanks for taking the time needed to share with us.

Richard P said...

Thank you for sharing some of the story behind the blog. This entry, like many others here, opens a lovely contemplative space within the frenzied Internet. Congratulations on five years.

Joe V said...

I enjoy your blog and don't comment nearly often enough. I, too, have found maintaining a blog to be rewarding, it takes on a life of its own. In my case, I see my progress as a writer through the succession of old entries.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and insight that you share with us. Keep up the good work.


Gary A said...

Thanks for your faithfulness in writing. I have enjoyed your blog.

Tom Furrier said...

I look so forward to reading your blog every week. Aside from enjoying your essays, they always make me stop and think. I think that your words travel far and inspire more people than you know. It doesn't matter what you write about, as long as you write.

Holly said...

Anne~who I see is your first commenter~ highlighted your blog on "Pay It Forward" this week. I am thrilled that she did and that I was able to find your blog.

I'm looking forward to reading more in the future. Pop over and see what we've got going on ... I think you'll like it!

Therese said...

I am visiting here from Anne's blog. I am glad she linked to you because your writing is great.

Looking forward to visiting again some time.

Joe and Jackie Flaherty said...

Love these images! Thanks for sharing!