Wednesday, April 21, 2010


“Often look up
and see the splendor
of life suspended
in your heart and mind.”

~ The Monks of Weston Priory, Listen


James Watterson said...

What a great typewriter! Tom is a saint when it comes to bringing his work back to life. It looks like you are coming to love the Olympia brand as much as I.

I just got everything from Levenger yesterday. I got a Letter size book in the matching color. Got a great deal on everything. I also ordered a oil lamp to write beside on my desk. I can just imagine the inspiration that writing in the light of a flame will bring.

speculator said...

That's really great, James!

You'll like this- typing by oil lamp (in the bottom photo):

PhotoBlitz.US said...

Great photos. (I especially love the typewriter pics.) As to the comment by James about writing by oil lamps: There was a time, many years ago, when I wrote poems by candlelight. There was something about it that brought out images and phrases that wouldn't have come out under other lighting conditions. I recently came across those poems and was surprised by their depth. I hope your oil lamp brings you similar results. ~Lisa~

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to be able to read and see your amazing posts. I did not know you had a "splendid" type writer - how slendid in deed.

BlueBirdie said...

splendid post Brother A!
cannot wait to see the library anew. Saw it from the outside, it is a beautiful sight to see.

lissa said...

splendor - love that word- it certainly holds a lot of meaning, to me, it's the words & emotions that comes after the event, it's everything - nature, people, everything