Tuesday, April 13, 2010

theophany : progress, part 3

“As for the Future,
your task is not to forecast,
but to enable it.
And surely you have enough work on your hands
when you are given the Present
as your raw material.”

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Citadelle, ch. 50


lissa said...

progress to me is just another way of saying you're alive and will continue to be until the end. anything profound that you received or found along the way, is always great but I don't seek them out. I suppose we all travel different paths and have different views of how life should be.

I cannot claim to understand all that you have expressed here. in fact, I don't think I have grasped your meaning here but that's okay. I'm not that smart and I accept that. so, even if I don't understand your words, I enjoy reading it and the photos reminds me of the beauty of nature and life itself.

speculator said...

Thanks so much, Lissa.
I love that you have something to say- and that you're reading these thoughts. I'm very grateful.

It seemed the idea of "progress" drew so many images that I decided to try it as 3 separate essays. And by making it something of a journey, there was more time to learn about perspective. It's not about "smarts" at all! -but more about interpreting what we see and gather.