Monday, June 1, 2009


"Little by little, one travels far."

~ J.R.R. Tolkien


Monda said...

That's gorgeous enough to make me want pencils. No small feat.

Sharon Goemaere said...


Sirpa-Kaarina said...

Monda, pencils are so lovely!

Anonymous said...

I can't read your handwriting (which is really pretty), but pencils? Wow, I want some too!

speculator said...

Many thanks- but- I'm sorry for the handwriting. I hesitated to do this, thinking about legibility!
For this one, I tried writing slowly- albeit with a wooden 2B graphite pencil !

Joe V said...

I continue to find pleasure at visiting your blog, and this post is especially enjoyable. Not only your writing, but the accompanying photographs are well conceived.

I frequent several of the pencil-fondling websites, but so far the bug hasn't bitten. In the meantime I enjoy your writing.


speculator said...

More thank-you's are due!

I understand, Joe, and as much as I enjoy the materials of creative processes... these are just the tools. And quite mysteriously, we transform them into something iconographic when we express with them.

Strikethru said...

Tell me about the pencil box. Is it yours? Suddenly feeling the need to amass huge collection of vintage pencil boxes.

Please tell me you are submitting a photo to my typewriter journal!

speculator said...

Yes- I'm hoping to work on the type journal entry this weekend!
My Mom gave me the pencil box when I was in high school (it was already old). There's a special word for this type of box: "plumier," in French. (A feather-bearer!)

lissa 07 said...

it's so nice to dream of all the places we'll go someday but not everyone can actually achieve it, I'm not a big fan of travel but sometimes it's nice to think of going to this place and that place, I guess I never quite understand how certain places makes people feel until I have gone there myself

but they all say it's the journey that counts but I think it's equal with the destination - people don't randomly go just anywhere

- that's my thought -

I like your handwriting, at times hard to read but it's certainly nicer than mine, kind of old fashion

Anne said...

I love your handwriting-it is beautiful! Mine is so hard to read, even by myself! :)

Here's what I liked best in this post: "As with gazing at stars, what is visible are the waters left by celestial movements."

Beautiful, heavenly! You are tremendously creative!