Saturday, April 9, 2011

passing through

“when the water's too high
when the water's too high
I will carry you
I will carry you.

when the night is too black
when the night is too black
I will carry you
I will carry you"

~ Sixpence None the Richer, Carry You

Above: passthrough boxes for photographic film. Note the box at the upper left; our mutually- understood code was to leave 2 lids showing, to indicate there were no "live" contents to potentially expose to light.


Michael said...

Wow! There's a lot here and it's well-said. Thanks. As a Mainer, I especially relate. == Michael

Laura Finkelstein said...

Brilliant writing, fascinating thoughts, as always. I feel so blessed and honored to have stumbled across you and your blog. Your writing flows with such lyricism, almost a musicality, and the thoughts often reflect my own that I've had since I was eight years old. I love people who have such a command of language and convey such a range of emotions through words. Thank you.

Richard P said...

Thank you. The figure of the box that "portage[s] latent images and darkness," protecting them from light, is very rich.

Matt said...

Great post! What typewriter did you use for this typecast?

speculator said...

Olympia Traveller de Luxe!