Wednesday, October 20, 2010

carried along

“Sometimes there’s doubts
When the dogs they bark
And you’re not sure
What is in the dark.
I start to cry
but then the wind goes by
To carry us through.”

~ Sarah Masen, Carry Us Through


Justin said...

It is true that is so easy to want to do everything, to never stop. I tend to go insane with the possibilities of what to do in a day or week, yet the only sanity lies in the quote you supplied: "Our will must die in order to bring forth union with God".

Bob Spencer said...

One of your best posts, Abraham. It blessed me.

Anonymous said...

a good read.
i agree with the idea of the quote.
and the photo images...

the best water sky shot ever.

and the light in the last shot,
on the paper, and desk, with the flame of the candle, a real typewriter, the open window,
the motion of the hands...
it has heart warming feeling to me for some reason.

Anonymous said...

"our will must die in order to bring forth union with God." I am always learning this everyday...the hard way of course!