Wednesday, January 6, 2010

beyond this point

“I wandered about for a long time in different districts,
having for my fellow-traveller the Prayer of Jesus, which heartened
and consoled me in all my journeys, in all my meetings with other people,
and in all the happenings of travel.”

~ The Way of a Pilgrim


John said...

You'll recognize these skies, these waters:

Enjoy the new year.

Strikethru said...

What a wonderful idea for a photography assignment-- an instant way to get to the heart of what people care about, which is the true meaning of photography (not that I would know anything about photography, taking a class is one of my new years resolutions.)

speculator said...

Strikethru- Why not try the "spaceship project" on your own? 25 images is the limit, though!

*Manca* said...

I love your blog, I keep returning! :)

lissa said...

I never thought of what's beyond this mortal life and what we might take with us or leave behind, I think it's something to think about but I'm not sure I would want to

as always, a thought-provoking post, one to savior now and then

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this:

"Surveillance of the mind was as much an attentiveness to influences as a repelling of what impedes the mind's ascent towards God."

Pavitar Kaur Gill said...

A friend pointed out your blog to me. I'm so glad he did. I live with chronic illness, and today my journey seemed so hard and weary and i asked myself why God is so silent in my suffering. Now I have found your blog I know He is not silent, He speaks through people like you. I felt a peace descend upon my troubled soul, and I look forward to stepping into the light from this present stage of darkness, and to battling that which would try to impede my ascent to God. Many, many thanks. Peace.