Monday, October 15, 2018


"It's gonna take time;
A whole lot of precious time.
It's gonna take patience and time,
To do it right."

~ George Harrison, "Got My Mind Set on You."

As if the tribulations of maintaining sustenance and sanity weren't enough, the server site upon which I'd been storing 12 years of La Vie Graphite photographs has been crashing. The photo site is a pay service (famously using the nickname, "bucket"), and has ceased to be dependable. At the same time, I could see that Blogspot's image upload feature has vastly improved in recent years. Therefore, being intensely committed to continuing my writing, several weeks ago I decided to systematically migrate all photos from all my illustrated essays directly onto this blog page. The process is painstaking, and will take at least another month- but it's well worthwhile. This is how I'll be able stabilize this site, so that I can continue writing.

I haven't been able to post anywhere as much as I'd prefer, but need to urgently get the "house" in order. My journal writing indeed continues daily, and I have numerous essay concepts under construction, even during this triage. As it's been throughout my turbulent work life, my thirst forces me to hunt and work harder. I'm grateful for the stability of this site, on Blogspot (this URL will stay the same), and am very much looking forward to completing the full transition of the photo illustrations. But it's taking time.

Many thanks, and a fine autumn season to you.


  1. Sorry to hear your photo troubles. I got burnt by a few on line photo services over the years so I moved all mine to an external USB HDD on my PC.

  2. I relied a lot on "the bucket" in my first few years of blogging, and have been paying the price recently. At least they aren't holding our images hostage and demanding $400 a year anymore — but the longevity of their site is very questionable. I just may not have the time and energy to update all my old blog posts. This is an ephemeral medium, I'm afraid.

  3. I did hear of a few photo services that have changed their policy and hence a lot of bloggers have lost their photos, but I'm glad you are able to move/save your photos.

    have a lovely day.

  4. I personally draw a lot of comfort and solace from time to time from your words and photos, so much that it inspired me to take my own photos. Thank you for the hard work you put in it. And I really, really hope you do manage to save them all. All the best.

  5. Hope you are OK as no new posts since October?
    Pity. I miss them.
    If youve pulled the plug on them please let us know?