Wednesday, November 1, 2017


“In this quiet moment of a changing season,
we are called to remember:
Never stand still but move with one heart.

The colors of this hushed autumn morning
will all too quickly fade
into the still winter silence.”

~ Monks of Weston Priory, Move With One Heart.


  1. Ah, the cool winds and grey sky of autumn.
    I like the 50 degree tourists. When I lived if Florida I could always tell who grew up in FL; they would dress like going to the arctic at 60 degree temperatures!
    Nice reflections on life and beautiful photographs. They could be in PA or VA where I did most of my photography.

  2. Beautiful post. I, too, like old film cameras. Is that Rolleiflex a worthwhile addition?


  3. Thanks so much, Edwin!
    Most of the photos in this essay were taken with the Rolleiflex. The lenses are really great- but the camera bodies are very finicky.